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    • JAN 25 2017

    Role of GPCRs for Oncology Highlighted in “Bioscience Technology”

    In 2016, we discovered that our lead molecule, ONC201, targets a GPCR known as dopamine receptor D2 (DRD2) and that our other molecules in development also target different GPCRs.   Although GPCRs are the most common target in modern medicine (30-50% of all drugs), GPCRs have not historically been targeted in oncology.  Recently, there has been

    • OCT 27 2016

    ONC201 in Clinical Trial of Triple-Negative Breast Cancer at University of Wisconsin

    The study, being conducted by Dr. Vince Cryns, will enroll 112 patients who will receive ONC201 in combination with either a normal or methionine restricted diet. Dr. Cryns has shown in preclinical studies that methionine restriction makes cells more susceptible to ONC201’s cancer killing effects. The full release from the University of Wisconsin can be