In The News

    • OCT 06 2016

    Oncoceutics GPCR Discovery Partner DiscoverX Highlights Imipridone Class

    DiscoverX, a leader in GPCR profiling and screening services, recently highlighted imipridones, Oncoceutics’ proprietary class of small molecules, discussing their ability to target GPCRs, and the role that can play in developing cancer therapeutics. The article can be read here.  

    • AUG 25 2016

    The Role of DRD2 in Cancer

    An article written by Oncoceutics highlighting the role of Dopamine Receptor D-2 (DRD2) in cancer was featured by Drug Discovery and Development, a leading life sciences industry publication. DRD2 is the binding target of Oncoceutics’ lead anti-cancer imipridone molecule ONC201. The article can be read here.

    • AUG 17 2016

    Elemento Lab helps identify new class of cancer drugs

    Weill Cornell’s Meyer Cancer Center recently highlighted the contribution of Dr. Olivier Elemento’s lab to the identification of Oncoceutics’ new class of molecules, called imipridones, which the company recently announced. Elemento Lab helps identify new class of cancer drugs

    • MAY 10 2016

    An Entrepreneurial Approach To Funding Drug Development

    Life Science Leader, a business journal for life science executives, highlighted Oncoceutics and the company’s unique approach to funding drug development in the magazine’s May issue. An Entrepreneurial Approach to Funding Drug Development (Pay-walled)