Oncoceutics has a robust pipeline based on ONC201, selected imipridone development candidates, and a portfolio of early stage imipridones, which engage a variety of GPCRs. ONC201, Oncoceutics’ most advanced drug candidate, is currently in seven clinical trials – a Phase I trial with an expansion cohort in solid tumors at the Rutgers Cancer Institute of NJ, a Phase II High Grade Glioma trial at Massachusetts General Hospital, two Phase I/II trials in Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and acute leukemias at the MD Anderson Cancer Center, and three trials at Fox Chase Cancer Center; a Phase II trial in endometrial cancer, a Phase I/II trial in multiple myeloma and a Phase I trial in solid tumors and multiple myeloma. The current trials will treat more than 150 patients through 2017.

Oncoceutics' Pipeline (November 2017)