Oncoceutics has multiple collaborations with leading cancer institutions. These institutions have validated the efficacy and safety of ONC201 in a variety of in vivo models, refractory patient samples, and in more than 1000 different human cancer cell lines. Four major cancer research institutions, including Massachusetts General Hospital/the Dana Farber Cancer Institute, Fox Chase University, the Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey and MD Anderson Cancer Center,  are working with the company to explore the efficacy of ONC201 in clinical trials via a variety of grant funded and collaborative mechanisms. In January 2015, Oncoceutics and MD Anderson Cancer Center entered into a strategic agreement that provides for a sharing of risk and potential commercialization of ONC201.

For partnership opportunities:
Lee Schalop, M.D.
Email:  Phone: 1-844-662-6797

For scientific collaborations:
Joshua Allen, Ph.D.
Email:  Phone: 1-844-662-6797