• Josh Allen, PhD and SVP of Research and Development at Oncoceutics will be presenting ONC201 at 2018 Experimental Biology in San Diego, April 21 – 25. The presentation will discuss the role of DRD2 in oncology and speak about the ability of imipridones to target GPCRs with a high degree of selectivity. ONC201, the founding member of this novel class of therapies, is an orally active, safe, and selective antagonist of the GPCR Dopamine Receptor D-2 (DRD2). Antagonism of DRD2 has been shown to cause downstream activation of the integrated stress response and inactivation of Ras signaling, both of which have been proven clinically effective in oncology and have resulted in approved therapeutics such as bortexomib and cetuximab. ONC201 represents the first clinical opportunity to engage these proven signaling pathways by selectively targeting DRD2, which is overexpressed or otherwise dysregulated in many types of cancer.


    Please see below for more details about the event:

    ASPET 2018 Annual Meeting, April 21 – 25, San Diego, CA

    G Proteins and G Protein Coupled Receptors in Cancer

    Monday April 23, 2018 9:30 am – 12:00 pm

    Viral Hijacking of GPCR Networks in Cancer
    Martine Smit – Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

    G Protein Regulation of Glioblastoma Stem Cells
    Joan Heller Brown – University of California, San Diego

    The Human Onco-GPCRome: Opportunities for Cancer Prevention and Treatment
    J. Silvio Gutkind – University of California, San Diego

    Clinical Activity Novel GPCR Targeting Agents in Cancer: An Industry Perspective
    Joshua Allen – Oncoceutics, Inc

    A Novel BRET Biosensor for Gαq-GTP Reveals Unique Properties of Cancer-associated GNAQ Mutants
    Mikel Garcia-Marcos – Boston University

    HRH1: A Novel GPCR Drug Target in Pancreatic Cancer
    Alyssa Rodriguez – University of California, San Diego