Oncoceutics and Patient Advocacy Groups

Oncoceutics and Collaborating Patient Advocacy Groups are Passionate to Deliver New Therapies and Innovation to Brain Cancer Patients and Offer Improvements in Medical Practice

Brain cancers remain one of the world’s greatest current health challenges, and the diagnosis is particularly devastating in children and young adults.

At Oncoceutics we have made it our mission to fight with the brave patients, and their families and doctors, to defeat this disease. We have built alliances with leading researchers to further this cause.

Oncoceutics has also partnered with several foundations and patient advocate groups, including the “Musella Foundation for Brain Tumor Research and Information”, “Michael Mosier Defeat DIPG Foundation” , “The Cure Starts Now Foundation”, “xCures” and “Cancer Commons”, which have financially supported  our development programs for ONC201, including our Expanded Access program in the US, through donations and venture philanthropy.

Our goal is to make ONC201 available for all patients that are in medical need through FDA approval. The most efficient path towards accomplishing this goal is via conducting clinical trials. The study protocols are listed on clinicaltrials.gov and have been reviewed and accepted by the FDA. If patients cannot enroll in clinical trials but meet strict protocol criteria for our Expanded Access Program (also listed on clinicaltrials.gov) a joint clinical team will then determine their eligibility for the Expanded Access program.

Please refer to our Expanded Access Policy on our website or click here for more details.