Partnership Opportunities


Oncoceutics is actively exploring partnership opportunities in the following areas:
  • Lead drug candidate ONC201: Partnerships for late-stage clinical development and commercialization
  • Second generation drug candidates ONC206 and ONC212: Development partnership for IND and Phase I/II studies
  • Imipridone platform: Research partnerships including medicinal chemistry, biological profiling and lead optimization for molecules in the imipridone family


Oncoceutics collaborates with leading cancer centers around the world. These collaborations explore the unique mechanisms and therapeutic potential of imipridones, and their ability to selectively target G-protein coupled receptors (GPCRs).

The centers, including Massachusetts General Hospital, Dana Farber Cancer Institute, Miami Cancer Center at Baptist, NYU Langone, Fox Chase Cancer Center, Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey, the Cleveland Clinic and the MD Anderson Cancer Center, are working with the company to explore the efficacy of ONC201 in clinical trials via a variety of grant-funded and collaborative mechanisms. Oncoceutics and MD Anderson Cancer Center have a strategic agreement that provides for a sharing of risk and potential commercialization of ONC201.